Speaker submissions open several times each year. To be considered to speak at our next event, join our mailing list to be notified of the next call for proposals. 

Proposal Guidelines

Ignite Baltimore aims to assemble great minds to discuss interesting topics that will inspire a diverse audience and get people talking. While there are no set rules or automatic restrictions on subject matter, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that will help improve your odds of being selected to speak.

1. Ignite is a forum for ideas, not marketing

Anything that looks or feels like a proposal designed to market or promote a business, an individual or a product will not be chosen. Include references to your work only if it supports a larger idea. In a nutshell: don't sell from the stage.

2. get people thinking and talking

There are countless ways to do this. For example, you can:

  • Explain an innovative way to solve a problem
  • Highlight a new or unexpected way to observe something familiar
  • Demystify a complex process
  • Expose an unseen reality
  • Challenge a preconceived notion or social norm
  • Illuminate a hidden cultural aspect
  • Offer people an actionable challenge
  • Present a new way to consider an opinion

3. Represent your idea, not your an organization

Every speaker by nature represents her or his activities and work. Sometimes thatʼs a critical component of a good talk, but a strong proposal shows that the idea comes first. Your organization or cause) should be secondary to the strength of your idea.

4. be Original

People come to Ignite to see things they havenʼt seen anywhere else. If you are proposing a topic that you've shared before, please refresh your presentation for the Ignite Baltimore audience.

5. think before submitting

Ignite talks are intense and the format is incredibly challenging. It's important to think through your talk before submitting your proposal to make sure your topic will work within the 20 slide-5 minute-15 second format and keeps the Ignite audience in mind.  

6. Be creative, have fun

The best talks have been the ones that were fueled by true passion. If you start there, it will come through in your proposal and you're more likely to get noticed and potentially included in the program.

7. Watch past talks on the Ignite Baltimore homepage

Some of the most interesting talks from past editions of Ignite Baltimore are featured on our homepage at ignitebaltimore.com. We strongly encourage starting there and getting familiar with what has worked well in the past.


Leave your notes at home. The best talks are ones that are unrehearsed and use the slides to support a story, not to be the story themselves. 


Additional Speaking Guidelines here. 

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a line at info@ignitebaltimore.com and weʼll be happy to help. 

Weʼre looking forward to hearing your idea!